Scientific coaching

Scientific coaching provides the student with a so-called help for self-help. It is tailored to the individual needs of consulting and can be very versatile. With my expert instructions and tips, I helped you to write your own thesis.

It does not matter if you need my guidance from the first conception to the completion of the work, or if you only want to clarify certain questions and ambiguities. In my capacity as coach, I am your consultant and motivator, but also your sparring partner, who will assist you at every stage of the writing process.

As a competent contact person, I will prepare all work steps together with you and together we will plan the next steps of your student work. We never lose sight of the external circumstances and the deadline. My scientific coaching will answer questions regarding the correct citation and the structure of a scientific work.

In addition, I give you valuable tips on how to avoid plagiarism. In addition, we seek together the literature that is appropriate for your project. The ghostwriter prices are based on your individual needs and are calculated per hour.

What does scientific coaching do?

With academic coaching you can save your housework, seminar paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis at the last minute. Especially if you study extra-occupationally you have little time. Therefore, your work steps must be exactly scheduled and defined. A writer’s block or doubts can quickly throw you back for weeks, which alone can make you difficult to catch up.

As a longtime ghostwriter, I know the pitfalls that one faces at the beginning and end of a scientific work. With my specific instructions, you have this playful under control. With me you will learn to work independently with all its facets.

At the beginning of your work, we delimit the topic and formulate a goal-oriented question, which we concretize in the course of the scientific coaching and elaborate along the red thread. Any self-doubt has no chance here, because we’ll kill you. In addition, we develop project-related strategies for overcoming writer blockades.

Already written proofread and edit I and give you valuable tips on the further course of action. My editing and proofreading finalizes your work so that you can submit your work with reassurance to the university or college.