According to rules, plagiarism is defined as theft of intellectual property in the artistic or scientific field. This includes above all the unlawful appropriation of thoughts and ideas of another person and their publication. Plagiarism constitutes a violation of copyright.

In science plagiarism also violates cantonal university laws and examination regulations. You will be punished with official disciplinary procedures that may lead to the exclusion of all courses and examinations as well as fines.

Plagiarism and copyright infringement are citation errors that result from incorrect or incomplete sources. Even the templates and scientific coaching created by a ghostwriter for illustrative purposes do not constitute plagiarism.

Plagiarism in science

A plagiarism in a student work is a standard offense and is considered a moral misconduct. Science continues to be dominated by high moral standards, reflected in the ethical principles of scientific work.

Plagiarism, that is the unlawful appropriation of foreign intellectual property, are considered bad scientific practice because they violate the code of honor. This code of honor is an unwritten set of rules and serves to ensure good scientific practice, which includes the creation of scientific papers.

Every scientist is committed to this Code of Honor. He lays the foundation for high-quality work and prevents fraud by plagiarism. The basis for this are moral commitments of the students, who recognize the protection of the intellectual property of others.

For some time, colleges and universities have used special plagiarism software to convict students of plagiarism. The plagiarism finders match the submitted housework, seminar paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis with all electronically available texts to uncover copyright infringements.

A good editing and proofreading can unmask plagiarism based on striking style breaks. These are usually created by copy-and-past foreign sources. Experience shows that this approach is often found in providers with very low ghostwriter prices.